One of the major PNB Banka priorities is to provide to its clients full range of financial instruments services.

We take into consideration a variety of investment interests of our clients providing the opportunity to perform operations on all world major stock exchanges and work with the whole spectrum of investment instruments via a single broker. 

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Orders for Transactioning


Orders for transactioning are accepted by brokers via telephone 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Riga time (10 a.m. to midnight Moscow time), as well as by fax and in e-NORVIK Internet-banking system 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Riga time (10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Moscow time). Twenty-four-hour trading is available within the Internet trading service.


Orders for transactioning are taken by calling: (+371) 67011561, (+371) 67011636


Types of orders for transactioning


At the time of ordering the terms of the forthcoming transaction are negotiated with the broker, who also can:


  • inform about current market quotations
  • acquaint the client with the latest events on stock markets
  • execute orders at market price and confirm their execution to the client
  • all types of orders are accepted for execution (Market, Limit, Stop, Short, OCO and other)


Client Identification:

For an individual:


  • Client’s name and surname
  • Voice or unified password


For a legal entity:


  • Legal entity name
  • Authorised person name and surname
  • Voice or unified password


Necessary Specifications of Transactions:


  • type of operation (purchase, sale, etc.)
  • denomination of securities or financial instruments
  • their quantity
  • price or its identification mechanism (for example, market price)
  • specified term (*Day,GTC or GTD) of the order (if the term of the order is not specified, order by default will be active till the end of the trading session)


Additional Opportunities


Apart from prompt and high-quality execution of trading orders we offer to our clients:


  • free access to stock markets in US, Canada, CIS and European countries
  • VIP-level service
  • most competitive and advantageous tariffs
  • additional financing of transactions (REPO transactions)
  • unified bookkeeping of your accounts and a package of depositary services (custody of securities)
  • transactioning with odd lots
  • transactioning after-hours (on particular markets)
  • the opportunity to participate in primary distributions of securities issues (IPO-initial public offering)


Minimal initial amount recommended in order to open investment account – 10 000 USD or equivalent amount in other currencies.


Variety of analytical researches, markets overviews and other up to date analytical materials received by our Brokerage department managers from counterparties and leading financial institutions are available for our clients upon request.


Within Internet Trading we give our clients the opportunity to independently perform online trade in financial instruments on all world financial markets by means of electronic trading systems.

Experts of PNB Banka will deliver diversified and full-scale support to its clients on all issues relating to their investment activity, including:

  • quickly provide information on current securities prices
  • assist in choosing financial instruments corresponding to clients risk profile
  • inform about latest events and trends on stock markets
  • provide detailed information on available types of orders and the process of trading sessions