How to start?

Sign an agreement

In order to use the services of the Brokerage Division of PNB Banka, one must have a current account. The client may use the system ib.pnbbanka to open an investment account (Financial markets—Оpen Investment Account) or fill in, sign and send the required documents in paper form to the Brokerage Division of the Bank.

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Agreement on Brokerage Services (2 copies)

Download the agreement


Client application form (1 copy)

Download the document


Client's confirmation (1 copy)

Download the document


Additional Agreement on Electronic Trading Systems (2 copies in the event Internet trading is planned)

Download the document


Notification of the client (in the event the client fills in the agreements over the Internet bank)

Documents that may be requested additionally.

Agreement on Assigning the Status of Professional Client Consent to the Status of Authorised Business PartnerApplication for Granting / Changing the Status of Professional Client Form W-8BENForm W-8BEN-E


Opening of Accounts

The filled in and signed documents may be submitted to the head office of the Bank in Riga, representatives of the Bank in Moscow and Kiev. You may also contact the employees of the Brokerage Division who would be glad to help you with preparation and filling in of the documents.


An employee of the Brokerage Division will inform you about the accounts opened. Also you will be given copies of the agreements signed by PNB Banka.