Margin trading

Marginal trading — Performance of speculative trading or hedging operations using the funds, provided to the trader as a loan on the security of the agreed amount — margin. 


What differentiates the marginal loan from a regular loan is that the amount expected to be received exceeds the amount of security (margin) several times.

Benefits of marginal trading:

  • Leverage up to 1:30, depending on the currency pair.
  • Spread – around 2 points.
  • The dealers use professional trading platforms (Integral OCX London/New York, FX All, Alfa Bank, Sberbank, Swiss Finance).

In order to effect marginal currency transactions over the telephone, one must hold current account with PNB BANKA and fill in the following documents:

  • Application for Opening of Marginal Accounts
  • Client’s Questionnaire
  • Client’s Acknowledgement
  • Application for Connection to PNB Chat through PNB online bank