Secure the performance of contractual obligations in your international transactions.


  • Suitable in cases where the seller is not convinced about the buyer’s solvency
  • A guarantee may be used as an alternative if a collateral in the form of cash or a cash collateral is required to secure the performance of obligations of a transaction

Available services

  • Issuance of guarantees in favour of domestic and foreign beneficiaries who are business partners of the bank’s clients
  • Advising on guarantees issued by foreign banks in favour of PNB Banka clients 
  • In the case of a demand – processing of the beneficiary’s claim

Documents required to issue a guarantee

  • The Bank guarantee application form 
  • Passport or eID card of the company’s authorised representative 
  • Information on the transaction or the tender 
  • If the collateral is not cash cover in the account or deposit, the following documents must be submitted in addition:

- Financial statements for the last two years and operational results (including the breakdown of debtors and creditors’ accounts)

- Information on the collateral

- Other documents as requested by the bank

Steps to work with a guarantee


Agree on the guarantee with your partner

Sign the agreement or receive the tender regulations providing for the submission of a guarantee


Submit the application

Fill in the Bank guarantee application form depending on the type of the collateral and submit it together with the required documents to the bank


Enter into the agreement and arrange the collateral

Enter into the guarantee service agreement and the agreement on the collateral (cash cover, credit line or collateral against movable/immovable property, etc.) with the bank


Receive the guarantee

The letter of guarantee is issued to the client or sent to the foreign bank through the SWIFT system for its subsequent transfer to the beneficiary

Apply for a consultation


Issuance of a guarantee 150 EUR
Guarantee handling fee 1% p.a. (minimum EUR 100 per month)

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