Credit cards

Mastercard Standard/Mastercard Gold/Mastercard Platinum

PNB Gold – a card for those who is not used to be complacent. For those who is on the move and is constantly developing. The card will emphasize individuality and open a completely new world of opportunities and privileges.
“Saule” – a symbol of the sun, perpetual motion, light and harmony. Precisely this sign is placed in the center of the composition on the card, by giving strength and energy to the owner.

  • Multicurrency account
  • Lending limit – up to 80% of the security deposit amount*
  • Accrual of income from deposit **
  • Foreign travelers’ insurance program***

* The security deposit amount is from 5000 EUR for cards of the Gold category and from 10 000 EUR – for Platinum cards

** Comparative deposit table

*** for the owners of Mastercard Platinum cards

Mastercard Gold/Mastercard Platinum

PNB Platinum – a card for the most demanding and ambitious users, whose high status is undisputable and the taste is perfect. PNB Banka highly appreciates the customer’s need for reliable, safe and qualitative service.
“Meness” – the moon, a sign of protection and reliability. The image of precisely this symbol on the PNB Platinum impersonates reliability and work ability of the bank.

  • 0.5% accrual to the account balance*
  • Grace period – up to 55 days
  • Payments for goods and services in Latvia and abroad without an additional commission fee **
  • Payment of a commission fee for service – on a monthly/yearly basis (at choice)
  • Free inclusion in the Priority Pass programme ***
  • Foreign travelers’ insurance program***

* Accrual of interest to the minimum balance on the card account throughout a month in the EUR currency

** for the owners of Mastercard Gold and Mastercard Platinum cards

*** for the owners of Mastercard Platinum cards