Fast Track at „Rīga” International Airport

Fast Track security checkpoint at Riga International Airport - an opportunity to go through the Fast Track security checkpoint without waiting in line that brings more comfort.

This offer is exclusive to holders of:

  • Masterсard® Platinum
  • Mastercard® Business Platinum

The terms of use:

  • To order a Fast Track coupon you must login to InternetBanka online bank (please study user manual explaining order process).
  • It is possible to order only one coupon at the time. To order more coupons repeat the procedure.
  • Each holder of either Masterсard® Platinum or Mastercard® Business Platinum is entitled receiving two free of charge coupons to access the Fast Track security checkpoint at Riga International Airport.
  • Children under 12 years of age are entitled to this service free of charge, if travelling with a person ordered the coupon.
  • Only holders of active Masterсard® Platinum or Mastercard® Business Platinum cards with no debts can order Fast Track coupons.
  • Commission fee for ordering third and further coupons (within calendar month) will be charged in accordance with the conditions laid down in your tariff plan on the date of order. Commission fee for ordered coupons will be charged once a month (during first 5 business days following reporting period) regardless whether coupon was used or not.
  • To use the Fast Track coupon it’s a must to print out the coupon or download onto your mobile device and present at Fast Track security checkpoint along with boarding pass.
  • Fast Track coupon is valid only along with valid boarding pass. Passengers must hold valid ID documents (Passport or ID card).
  • In case using a print-out copy of coupon please ensure it’s not torn, glued, QR code can be read.
  • Airport has a right to deny access to Fast Track security checkpoint if the coupon in damaged or was used already.
  • Coupon can be ordered any time prior to the flight.
  • Each coupon can be used only once.
  • Coupon is valid one year since order date.

The service is provided in cooperation with Riga International Airport.