Health Care

Choose one of Health “Check up” programs to receive a commentary visit to one of the Clinics doctors.

This offer is exclusive to holders of:
  • Platinum Mastercard®

Health Check up program is an complete objective evaluation of your current health status that diagnoses most of the common health problems profoundly in 2 – 3 days using laboratory tests, examinations and doctor’s visits.


Premium Medical Clinic ensures appreciative general health care which is up to world’s highest quality standards. The Clinic offers you a wide range of doctor’s consultations and diagnostic procedures.

Terms of Privileged Offer:

Choose one of the Check Up programs below:

  • Check-Up for Women
  • Check-Up for Men
  • Heart Health Check-Up
  • Metabolic Health Check-Up
  • Back Bone Check-Up
  • Smokers Check-Up
  • Power Check-Up

Learn more about Check-Up programs at Clinics website.

Complimentary receive one of the following medical consultations (at your own choice):

  • dental hygiene
  • visit to nutrition specialist
  • visit to eye doctor
  • visit to neurologist
  • visit to gastroenterologist
  • visit to allergologist

  Additionally you will receive:

  • Personal manager to plan and optimize your visits to the Clinic
  • Parking in the Old City of Riga

To make an appointment for the Check-Up program phone +371 660 111 60 or email at

Learn more about Premium Medical Clinic.

N.B. Making an appointment make sure you inform the partner you are going to pay with Platinum Mastercard® issued by PNB Banka.

Offer valid to 31 December 2018.