Nataļja Ignatenko, employed by PNB Banka since 1999

Product specialist

How did you come to PNB Banka, what was the beginning of your carrier?

I had been working as a cashier for a very long time, I started my work in Jelgava, but last year I began to work in an area that was new and very interesting for me – in the product development unit. It means not only creation of new and useful products for clients, but also adaption of these products for drafting and selling.


What was your main gain while working at PNB Banka?

All that I have achieved in professional field is thanks to PNB Banka. This was an enormous life experience, possibility to meet good people, possibility to realise myself, to increase my knowledge.


How would you describe PNB Banka as an employer?

PNB Banka has historically united people who are especially approachable and helpful. This has always been one of the most characteristic values and this is a great support to every new employee. Of course, also for our customers – many our employees have special relations to customers and this was the main factor in the growth of the bank in general.