Oleg Kungurcev, joined PNB Bankа in 2005

Senior settlement card administrator

How did you come to PNB Banka, what was the beginning of your carrier?

In 2005, I started to work in the Bank as a telecommunication engineer, provided equipment in the Bank’s branches and studied in the university at the same time. At first, I was in charge of all equipment of the IT Unit of the Bank. Within a year, I received an offer to work as the project manager in the Unit of Settlement Cards where I also work now as a settlement card administrator. I experienced a very interesting time since payment card business has experienced enormous development over these years.


What was your main gain while working at PNB Banka?

PNB Banka gave me an opportunity for professional growth – I attended courses of programming, certainly „life school” was also very important in my daily work. Over ten years, I have experienced several stages in the development of the Bank and I can tell that PNB Banka has experienced especially target-oriented and positive development since 2014. I can feel a new push, new energy.


How would you describe PNB Banka as an employer?

I would recommend PNB Bankа as a very good opportunity for career and inspection of their opportunities, knowledge. Since initiative is encouraged and supported here, the development of the Bank would mean big opportunities for each employee. Growth in our bank is not limited, like in some places where you would need to work for a long time to wait for your opportunity of career development. Here everything happens much faster.