Ronalds Špors, employed by PNB Banka since 2012

Head of the Legal Foundation for Credit Recovery Division

How did you come to PNB Banka, what was the beginning of your carrier?

I had already had experience in credit recovery, therefore, when I came to PNB Banka I knew what I had to do. I began my work as a lawyer in credit recovery, currently I head the unit. New employees have all opportunities here if they themselves want them.


What was your main gain while working at PNB Banka?

I can tell that PNB Banka appreciates people having initiative and wish to grow. Within three years, I have achieved a good carrier since I have always been open to new working tasks, I had never avoided them. I cannot agree that „initiative is to be punished“, if you have initiative, you will always be noticed and appreciated. I have verified it myself and this is a big gain for me, this will help me in the future.


How would you describe PNB Banka as an employer?

After the new owner and the new management appeared, PNB Banka has done a great work – it has a new brand, new products, the bank is much more noticeable, it actively attracts customers. Considering such a purposeful development, its employees have good opportunities to grow. Everything depends on us!