Important - account number changed!


By the decision of the Financial and Capital Market Commission as of 15 August 2019, AS PNB Banka was prohibited from providing financial services, namely, it is not allowed to perform any debit and credit operations on customers’ accounts in any currency.


However, adoption of the aforementioned decision does not apply to the procedure for settling current liabilities. Therefore, in case you have any outstanding liabilities towards AS PNB Banka, please continue making payments following the procedure as agreed before, by making transfers entering the following company details:


Beneficiary bank:
AS Baltic International Bank
Reg. No 40003127883
Grecinieku iela 6, Riga, LV-1050

Insolvent AS PNB Banka
Reg. No 40003072918
Elizabetes iela 15-2
Riga, LV-1010​


• Account of the beneficiary for payments in EUR:


•When making transfers, please be sure to include in your payment purpose at least the following information:
For natural persons: name, surname, personal identity number of the borrower (resident of the RoL) or date of birth (non-resident of the RoL), agreement number.
For legal persons: name of the company, registration number, agreement number.


! Please note that the account number provided accepts payments only for PNB Banka services (loan liabilities, fees, payments for safe deposit boxes, account statements, certificates etc.).


! In addition, please take into account that starting from February 1st, 2021, all payments that will be made to the former account of the bank, i.e. LV85PRTT0260000003400, will not be processed and will be returned back to the ordering customer. We hereby kindly ask you to make all payments to the new account LV26BLIB1001005254001, AS Blatic International Bank, starting from December 2020.