PNB Banka has issued the first tuition fee loans to the students of airBalticTraining Pilot Academy

In collaboration with airBaltic PNB Banka has issued the first tuition fee loans to cover tuition fee for the students of airBalticTraining Pilot Academy, which have started their training to become pilots of the airline. Taking into account the fact that the tuition fee of the training course Integrated airline transport pilots in Latvia for one student is EUR 69 thousand, PNB Banka has made it possible to offer the students the best and most favourable terms of lending. Seven students have already received the first tuition fee loans that has allowed them to successfully start their studies. 
We are really glad to collaborate with airBaltic! We are sure that in long term this collaboration will provide great contribution to the aviation sector, and airBaltic will be able to supplement its staff with talented pilots of the new generation. We would like to inform the intending students, that the financial opportunities to master this profession have never been so accessible, due to the fact that PNB Banka offers really flexible lending possibilities and repayment terms”, said the Chairman of the Board of PNB Banka Oliver Ronald Bramwell
Currently two groups of students, consisting of 24 persons have already started their studies in the Pilot Academy. airBaltic has received in total 650 applications from the persons willing to study. In collaboration with airBalticTraining Pilot Academy PNB Banka has developed a special offer to cover tuition fee of the intended pilots from the whole Baltic, which allows to receive a loan up to EUR 50 000 with the repayment term up to 10 years, allowing to return the principal amount after completion of studies.
In order to receive the tuition fee loan the student of airBalticTraining Pilot Academy has to submit PNB Banka an application and a copy of the identity document, as well as a documents evidencing his/her income. More detailed information is available with the consultants of PNB Banka in Riga, Jelgava, Daugavpils and Liepaja, as well as at the website of the bank or over the telephone (+371) 67041100.