Additional requirements for international payments effected in Chinese Yuan (CNY)


Please be informed of changes in the execution of international payments.


As from 14 December 2018, based on the requirements of the regulatory enactments of the People’s Republic of China, the following information has to be provided to make international payments in Chinese Yuan:


  1. 1. remitter’s and beneficiary’s account numbers;
  2. 2. full name of the remitter and beneficiary (as stated in the registration documents of a legal entity; valid identification document of a natural person);
  3. 3.full address of the remitter and beneficiary (number of the building, street, city, country, postal code).
✓ Number of PO box may not be provided instead of the address.


Please note that the payments lacking the required information about the remitter and/or beneficiary will not be effected, and the funds will be returned to the remitter’s account held with AS PNB Banka.


For additional information regarding the Rules of execution of payment orders in Chinese Yuan (CNY) please visit the Bank’s home page, International Payments section.


Yours faithfully,
PNB Banka