Announcement on convening a creditors’ meeting of the insolvent AS PNB Banka, and agenda thereof


The insolvency administrator of the insolvent AS PNB Banka, (registration No 40003072918, legal address: 15-2 Elizabetes Street, Riga, hereinafter – the Bank) Vigo Krastiņš hereby announces that on 12 March 2020 at the premises of AC Hotel Riga Marriott at 33 Dzirnavu Str., Riga,  the Bank will hold a creditors’ meeting. The agenda of the meeting:
1.    Approval of the procedural rules of the meeting;
2.    Approval of the insolvency (liquidation) plan and administrator's report;
3.    Approval of the procedure on disposal of assets (property);
4.    Approval of the expenses related to insolvency proceedings and approval of the order for covering such expenses;
5.    Regards engaging specialists;
6.    Approval of total remuneration of the administrator of insolvency proceedings and the assistant thereof and approval of payment of the above remuneration;
7.    Election of the creditors’ committee;
8.    Election of the representative to sign the Minutes of the creditors’ meeting.
Registration for the creditors’ meeting will be open on 12 March 2020 from 9:30 until 11:00. The meeting shall be held at 11:05. The language of the meeting shall be Latvian.
Only those creditors who represent not less than one per cent of the total claims shall be entitled to participate in the creditors’ meeting (for information:  as per data on the date of preparation of this announcement, one per cent is appx EUR 4 654 715, which shall be updated and fixed on the day of the meeting). Therefore, pursuant to second paragraph of Section 135.1 of the Credit Institution Law, the Bank’s administrator invites creditors, whose claims do not exceed one per cent of the amount  claims, to authorise a joint representative.
The Bank’s administrator invites creditors and/or their representatives, upon arrival to the creditors’ meeting, to present their personal identity documents and documents certifying the rights of the respective person to represent the creditor. In case the documents certifying the rights of the respective person to represent the creditor were not submitted together with the creditors’ claim, then such representation documents shall be submitted upon arrival to the creditors’ meeting and such shall not be returned.
The Bank’s administrator invites to check the documents certifying the rights of the respective person to represent the creditor beforehand, to make sure they are valid on the day of the meeting and clearly state the rights to represent the respective creditor at the Bank’s creditors’ meeting, and to vote on any of the items on the agenda.
Please note that the documents certifying the representation rights should be in a form of a power of attorney issued and certified by a notary public (and legalized, if applicable).

Should you have any questions, please visit the office of the insolvent AS PNB Banka administrator at 15-2 Elizabetes Street, Riga, or call +371 67041113.

Official publication on the creditors’ meeting is available in the official gazette Latvijas Vēstnesis, as well as Dienas Bizness, Latvijas Avīze.

Note: please kindly note that this is a courtesy translation; in case of questions, kindly refer to the original version in Latvian language.