On the client liabilities repayment procedure to the insolvent AS PNB Banka (updated information)


We hereby inform that by the decision of the European Central Bank as of 17 February 2020, the credit institution’s license of the insolvent AS PNB Banka was withdrawn as from 18 February 2020. In view of this, the insolvent AS PNB Banka’s current account details have changed: From now onwards, clients shall repay their liabilities to the account of the insolvent AS PNB Banka with AS PrivatBank as follows:


Recipient: Insolvent AS PNB Banka


Unified registration number: 40003072918


Bank: AS PrivatBank




Account No: LV85PRTT0260000003400 (EUR)


In the payment purpose please indicate:


For natural persons: name, surname, personal identity number of the borrower (resident of the RoL) or date of birth (non-resident of the RoL), agreement number.


For legal persons: name of the company, registration number, agreement number.