Norvik Banka on guard of Brexit


Political events of the previous week had a great impact on all financial markets.

The head of the Dealing Division of Norvik Banka Kirill Grigoryev commented on the situation on the currency market as follows: “Norvik Banka’s Dealing Division followed closely the events involving the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum. To minimise operational risks, for the duration of the event the bank changed the requirements for GBP currency trading. The bank had forecasted more than 10% volatility, so the bank got over these currency fluctuations without any surprises”.

Norvik Banka offers its customers beneficial cooperation in exchange operations, marginal trading, operations with various currency pairs by means of both electronic trading systems and in-person communication with the bank’s dealers who will offer latest information on the currency market situation.

For more details please call the Dealing Division (+371) 67 04 1185.