Institution of the Republic of Latvia (CERT) informs of actions against the clients of the Latvian banks

CERT has received information that attempts to defraud the citizens of their online bank access data through e-mails have become more frequent.
Such e-mails inform of a supposedly received online message from a bank and invite the users to click a link specified in the e-mail to view the message. The link redirects the user to the website that imitates the bank’s online bank but is intended for defrauding the data.
All such websites that have been identified thus far have been promptly closed. However, it cannot be excluded that the fraudsters may disseminate new e-mails with links to scam websites.
So, CERT.LV urges citizens to be attentive and, in case of any e-mail received, pay attention to the sender of the e-mail (the From field), i.e. whether the address does correspond to the actual sender.
If the link in the e-mail has been opened, in the opened website pay attention to the page address in the address bar – whether it corresponds to the intended website. For instance, in case of a scam website in the address bar there will be "insscripttioniendia(.)net" or similar, not the online bank’s address.
If you have received a suspicious e-mail from a said-to-be bank or entered the requested information  on a scam website, please immediately contact your bank and inform it of the fact.
You may inform of the fraudulent activities against PNB Banka’s customers via e-mail​