Changes in Clients’ Authentication Procedure when Using PNB InternetBanka

Herewith we inform you that as required by the regulatory enactments of the European Commission on strong authentication of the Internet bank users, PNB Banka has made changes to the use terms of Google Authenticator and code calculator DigiPass Go3. As of 12 August 2019, when approving a payment above EUR 30, the clients will have to add the payee to the Trusted Beneficiary List. The Trusted Beneficiary List is a list of recurring payment recipients that you have created and approved. You can add both - companies (e.g. utility service providers) and private persons (e.g. family members, friends), a.o.
Familiarise yourself with the options for creating the Trusted Beneficiary List here .
Other activities performed on the internet bank PNB Internetbanka remain unaffected and, just as earlier, have to be approved by Google Authenticator or code calculator DigiPass Go3.
Also, please be advised that from now on the clients that use SMS-PIN to approve the activities effected on the PNB Internetbanka will receive an 8-digit code (now a 6-digit code is used). The SMS code that the Bank generates and sends to you is unique. It contains information about the approved payment and complies fully with requirements for strong customer authentication.
Take note that from now on, as part of strengthening of security of the Internet bank payments in compliance with specifications of the European Commission’s regulation, when approving the payment with SMS-PIN and Google Authenticator, you will have to enter both - the code generated by the client’s authentication tool and your Internet bank login password.
For more information call (+371) 67041100 or write a message on the PNB Internetbanka.
Yours sincerely,
PNB Banka