Important Information for PNB Banka Clients Who Have Opened Citadele Accounts to Receive Guaranteed Compensation


Recipients of State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA) pensions and benefits who open a Citadele account before August 22nd do not have to visit a PNB Banka branch in order to receive their guaranteed compensation.


PNB Banka clients who are recipients of SSIA support, and who already had a Citadele account or who have opened or will open one between August 15th and 22nd⁠—the day on which disbursement of guaranteed compensation begins⁠—will not have to go to one of the PNB Banka branches processing applications for state-guaranteed compensation. These clients’ respective deposit sums of up to 100,000 Euro will be transferred automatically from August 22nd to their Citadele account.


These clients must inform the SSIA in writing within six months of their decision to use their Citadele account or account in any other credit institution to receive SSIA benefits or pension going forward.


Private persons who have opened a Citadele account before August 22nd must submit an application for the disbursement of guaranteed compensation.


Meanwhile, those private persons who are not SSIA support recipients, and who have opened a Citadele account between August 15th and 22nd, must submit an application to Citadele from the 22nd through the Citadele online bank or in one of the set Citadele branches in order to receive their state-guaranteed compensation in their newly-opened account or their account in any other credit institution. If, by August 22nd, a private person submits a free-form request to Citadele for the disbursement of state-guaranteed compensation to their Citadele account, compensation will be paid to their newly-opened account, and the private person does not need to complete any other actions in order to receive their compensation.


All those with access to a smartphone and the internet are advised to open a Citadele account via the Citadele app or online.


Meanwhile, for faster service and answers to questions, Citadele clients are asked to used the app’s chat feature.




More information for SSIA clients:


FCMC information line: 67774800
PNB Banka information line: 67041100
Emails and