Changes in usage and limits of code cards

Information for PNB Internetbank clients who use code cards for authorisation
In accordance with the regulations of the European Commission on secure authorisation of internet bank users, in 2019, PNB Banka will introduce an additional security system. The transition to the new security tools will end in August.
At the same time, starting from March 2019, for the Clients who use code cards to work with PNB Internetbank, the following payment limits will be introduced:
·       authorisation using a CODE CARD:
as from 18 March 2019, a daily limit will be 20 euro, and a monthly limit – 40 euro;
as from 17 June 2019, payment limits will be equal to 0 euro. Code card users will be able to log in to  the PNB Internetbank but will not be able to make payments;
as from 15 July 2019, it will be impossible to log in to the PNB Internetbank using a code card;
In view of the above, PNB Banka recommends replacing your authorisation tool with a new one in advance:
·       for smartphone users – a code card can be replaced with a free next-generation authentication tool Google Authenticator that can be used on all types of smartphones. To connect Google Authenticator, you can use our simple step-by-step guide, visit any branch of PNB Banka or call us at (+371) 67041100;
·       for others – instead of a code card, you may buy a code calculator 270 or GO3. The calculators will be available to the users of the products “Bank account for seniors” and “Set for welfare receipt” at any PNB Banka branch as from 11 March 2019 at a favourable price – 3 euro.