Making the purchase with Norvik Bank payment cards is now even easier and faster!


Starting from the mid of April, Mastercard® increases the limit from 10 EUR to 25 EUR for contactless payment cards transactions. This means that it will be possible to make purchases for 25 EUR without entering the PIN code.

A small reminder about the benefits of the contactless payment cards:

  • Convenient
    You just need to lean payment card against the POS terminal
  • Fast
    Payment is exercised immediately, since there is no need in entering the PIN code
  • Reliable
    You completely control the process of the payment – you do not need to give your card to the merchant. Possibility to pay for the same service twice is excluded, since after the contactless payment was exercised POS terminal is turning off.

You can order your new contactless Norvik Bank payment card in any representative office.

For the additional information, please, contact your personal manager or contact us by telephone +371 67041100.