Financial instruments – a way to protect your capital


The major capital management requirement is keeping it safe and mobile. Investments in securities and investment funds managed by professional fund managers multiplying the capital help to achieve this goal efficiently. It is worth highlighting another important factor – if needed, the investor may transfer the securities and units of the investment fund into the custody of another bank. This is what makes the investment instruments substantially different from such an investment as for example a deposit. The funds’ units are accounted for outside the balance-sheet of the institution, thus eliminating the credit risk of the financial institution for the investor. Hence, the investments in securities and investment funds is an option not only for earning, but also for keeping the capital safe.


We are pleased to inform you that Norvik Bank accepts securities into custody and provides services on operations with financial instruments, including also with the funds’ units issued by other financial institutions. On top of that, the Bank offers a wide spectrum of investment solutions, including investments in the NORVIK EM High Yield Bond Fund.


Come to Norvik Bank - we will consult you on transferring of the securities and funds’ units and offer profitable solutions for efficient management of your funds.


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