Norvik Banka offers increased deposit profitability during the deposit campaign


Norvik Banka has announced a new deposit campaign „Interest rates grow!”, during which clients of the bank can increase the profitability interest rate for their deposit. The rate can be increased by 0.15 or even 0.2 per cent points by naming a special promotional code.

The promotional code will be valid until April 22. During the campaign, the bank will publish promotional codes in different channels and clients will receive an increased rate for their deposit just by naming one of the codes.

For example, upon receipt of an SMS message „Name the code DEPOZITS999 and receive additional +0.15% to the standard deposit rate” a client can go to any of the bank’s client service centres and make a deposit with an increased rate. When making a deposit via the internet bank e-Norvik (with the promotional code), a client can receive +0.20% to the standard annual deposit rate. If the client’s deposit rate until that time was, for example, 2.5%, then after client’s naming the promotional code during the campaign the bank will increase it to 2.7%.

The codes will be published:

  • on the bank’s homepage;
  • in the bank’s profile in social media Facebook and Twitter;
  • in newspapers SestdienaTV, TvVesti and Rīgas Viļņi.

The bank will send the codes directly to clients:

  • by a SMS message;
  • to their e-mail address;
  • as a message in the internet bank e-Norvik.

Find more information on the campaign can be found here.