Information on the remuneration process for PNB Banka clients will be available no later than August 19th


Although we understand the concerns of clients of PNB Banka, we invite people to wait for clear information about remuneration, which will be available no later than August 19th. Along with the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) and PNB Banka, we are working to organise the remuneration process.


Before then, please contact PNB Banka or the FCMC for any further information via the following channels (see below). All possible resources are dedicated to ensuring that the payment of state-guaranteed compensation begins no later than August 27th 2019.


We wish to emphasise that all remuneration up to 100,000 Euro is covered by the Latvian Deposit Guarantee Fund, and will be paid to its owners. Guaranteed compensation covers wages, pensions, client deposits and interest earned up to August 15th, 2019.


More information for PNB Banka clients:

Information phone number of PNB Banka: 67041100

Information phone numbner of FCMC: 67774938


FCMC email for PNB clients: