INTAX Forum Ukraine has taken place in Kiev


Having been organised since 2011 the INTAX Forum Ukraine is one of the largest platforms for communication of senior executives of the companies operating on global markets and professionals supporting international transactions and operations.


This year the representative international conference gathered around 250 delegates in Kiev to discuss the major trends in corporate finances, private and corporate structuring, international taxation, investment and transborder trade of goods and services.


PNB Banka is a long-standing patron of the event as well as one of the main exhibitors in the exhibition organised within the framework of the conference. At the stand of PNB Banka the delegates of the INTAX Forum Ukraine could obtain up-to-date information about the Bank’s work, the offered products and services.


Dmitrii Kalmykov, a board member of PNB Banka, took part in the conference as a speaker. Mr. Kalmykov reported on the major changes in the work of European banks with international clients and touched upon the role of the banks when carrying out the transactions of purchase and sale of complex assets.


In his presentation Mr. Kalmykov noted that, contrary to the popular belief, the Latvian banking sector had remained open for international clients. Based on the example of PNB Banka he stressed that there were well-established requirements towards the clients in Latvia and fundamental criteria for their assessment.


An important part of his report was the presentation on the possibilities of PNB Banka to perform an expert assessment of transactions for sale and purchase of complex assets. As a rule, such transactions include buying of complex assets and shares in a business, sale of real estate and distressed assets, as well as M&A transactions.


According to Mr. Kalmykov, when effecting complex transactions requiring due diligence of the structure and risk analysis and assessment (both at the moment of performance and afterwards), it is recommended that a bank be approached from the outset in order to establish whether the transaction is possible at all: most often the structure of such transactions doesn’t comply with the requirements of the banks and the parties to the transaction have to start anew.


In addition, Mr. Kalmykov took part in the panel discussion Foreign Banks for Ukrainian Business: End of Story or a New Chapter in the Relationship?


Also Denis Novikov - the Senior Vice-president, the Head of the Financial Market Department at PNB Banka took part in INTAX Forum Ukraine. He informed the delegates about the investment funds of PNB Banka and possibilities of working on the largest capital markets using the platforms offered by the Bank.