IPAS PNB Asset Management Launches New Investment Fund


The PNB Total Return Bond Fund will become the next fund managed by IPAS PNB Asset Management within the framework of the expansion strategy of the investment products.


By providing optimum yield at decreased risk and globally unmatched, low interest rates the fund answers the needs of conservative investors, noted Igor Zujev - the funds’ manager of IPAS PNB Asset Management.


The investment target of the PNB Total Return Fund is a long-term capital increase by 3%-5% per annum (upon payment of the commissions). In order to achieve this target the resources of the fund are invested in high-quality sovereign and corporate debt securities all over the world.


The fund’s portfolio includes such securities as sovereign debt securities of USA, Brazil, South Africa and Turkey and corporate bonds of Maersk, Jaguar Land Rover, Remex (Pemex) and Development Bank of Kazakhstan.


Minimum investment — value of one share. The fund’s shares may be obtained at PNB Internetbanka and customer service centres.