Norvik Banka is launching an instant lottery for the 2nd Tier pension members


Today Norvik Banka is launching an instant lottery for all Norvik’s 2nd Tier pension plan members – every fifth lottery participant will win in the lottery one of the Bank’s prepared prizes. Total value of the lottery prizes – 2000 EUR.

Each person* who will apply to one of the Norvik’s managed 2nd Tier pension investment plans (Daugava, Venta or Gauja) by November 30, will contend for a prize:

  • a Norvik Banka’s electronic gift card priced at 30 EUR;
  • a Zelta Zivtiņa top-up card;
  • a digital blood pressure monitor Sencor;
  • a wireless computer mouse Logitech, USB Flash and other prizes.

Norvik-managed pension investment plans ensure stable profitability in the long run: to illustrate, profitability of our plan Gauja has reached 5.43% (from January 1 to September 23; data: this year. This index exceeds mean profitability among all pension plan managers in Latvia. In total, 74.4 m EUR have been invested in all three Norvik pension plans (total increments of assets this year are + 7.3%), while the number of customers has reached 79 143.

*Participant of the instant lottery – a natural person who by the moment of launching the lottery has reached the age of 15 and can be a 2nd Tier pension plan member under the valid laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, and who within the period from 29 September 2014 till 30 November 2014 will for the first time apply and sign at Norvik Banka an application to the State Social Insurance Agency on selection of the state funded pension capital fund manager and investment plan, while choosing one of the Norvik Ieguldījumu Pārvaldes Sabiedrība’s 2nd Tier pension investment plans – Daugava, Venta or Gauja.

Lottery authorization number 3619. The rules can be found here.