Norvik Banka and Digital Freedom Festival to contribute to the development of financial technologies and innovations


Norvik Banka has become the official bank of the Digital Freedom festival to jointly raise the awareness of the development of financial technologies and innovations in the region by arranging a series of discussions on FinTech-related issues. As early as September and October, there will be discussions about the future of money as means of settlements, as well as money and cyber security. Whereas during the Digital Freedom Festival which will take place on November 27-28 a number of high level discussions about FinTech are to be held in Norvik Banka’s Investors Lounge.

Chairman of the Board of Norvik Banka Oliver Bramwell: “Norvik Banka keeps purposefully implementing the strategy: in the segment of financial services the bank develops digital innovations by introducing them actively in the bank’s services to satisfy the clients’ needs and take leading positions in the field. Cooperation with the Digital Freedom Festival is the best way to raise the awareness in the society about the developments in the field of FinTech around the globe and to keep up with the global trends. In 2017, we are pleased to continue the last year’s cooperation with the Digital Freedom Festival which undeniably becomes one of the key events in the Baltics in the field of FinTech.”

Co-Founder & CEO of Digital Freedom Festival Dagnija Lejiņa: “We are genuinely pleased that Norvik Banka has become the official bank of the festival for the second consecutive year. We want cooperation between the corporations and startup companies to create a new momentum and energy for the development of innovations. In the European Innovation Scoreboard, Latvia is at the bottom of the list; however, it is amongst the countries characterised by the fastest growth of innovative activities, thus Latvia and the Baltics have the potential to become a region with a significant breakthrough in introducing the modern technologies. Together with strong partners, our festival becomes an increasingly powerful platform for inspiration, education and getting new business contacts – businessmen must be extremely well-informed about the developments in the world of technologies to invest their knowledge in the development of the Latvian economy with double efficiency.”

Among the main topics of this year’s Digital Freedom Festival will be smart cities and cyber security, artificial intelligence, green technologies, FinTech and digital detox. During the festival, representatives of corporations will have an opportunity to meet startup entrepreneurs to find the ways to make the services and products offered by the corporations more innovative and attractive to the clients. Furthermore, there will be an opportunity to discuss with policy makers the measures to support the development of innovations.

About the Digital Freedom Festival:
Digital Freedom Festival is a global festival of technologies, politics, startups and lifestyle during which, on November 27-28, startup entrepreneurs, experts, policy makers, investors and encouraging speakers from around the world will meet to find solutions to the issue of more efficient cooperation among the society, policy makers and businessmen and of availing of the opportunities granted by the technologies.

The conference is organised by a group of Digital Freedom Festival associates, non-governmental organisation DFF and reputation management company Lejiņa & Šleiers. The official bank of the festival is Norvik Banka.