Anders Fogh Rasmussen assigned to the post of the Deputy Chairman of AS Norvik Banka Council


AS Norvik Banka informs that Anders Fogh Rasmussen now is the Deputy Chairman of the bank’s independent Council.

Mr Rasmussen served as NATO Secretary General from 2009-14 and Prime Minister of Denmark from 2001-2009. Prior to this he was Minister of Tax and Minister of Economic Affairs in the Danish government.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen commented upon his assignment as follows: I am glad to join the Council of AS Norvik Banka and renew my long-standing and strong relationships with Latvia. I hope that my experience will be useful for Norvik Banka in forming relationships with the state authorities and its strategic growth efforts in both Latvia and the EU.

The Chairman of AS Norvik Banka Board Oliver Bramwell noted: We’re glad that such a highly-qualified professional as Mr Rasmussen joined our team. His international experience and knowledge is a true asset for the bank.

AS Norvik Banka Council consists of 5 members. Its majority shareholder, Grigory Guselnikov being the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman – Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Council members – Igor Smolin, Dr. August Gustav Paul Hanning and Peter Michael Odintsov. The bank’s Council has several important functions – it monitors the bank's Board, approves the bank’s Business Strategy and other documents crucial for its activity.