The Digital Freedom Festival in Cooperation with Norvik Banka to Hold a Discussion on Money and Cybersecurity


In collaboration with Norvik Banka the Digital Freedom Festival is organising a discussion on money and cybersecurity. The discussion will be held on November 1st, from 18:00 to 20:00 at the People Work conference hall (E. Birznieka-Upisa 21, Riga).

Oliver Bramwell, CEO of Norvik Banka: “During the second Digital Freedom Festival and Norvik Banka Fintech meetup we will have a great opportunity to warm up before the big Digital Freedom Festival, where at the Norvik Lounge we will welcome everyone who is interested in Fintech, blockchains, cryptocurrencies, start-uppers and cool technology. They will be able to spend two days in active discussions about the trends and challenges in finance and technology. The discussion will be held on the new People Work premises, the largest co-working space in the Baltics, which will officially be opened already this November.”

Juris Sleiers, Digital Freedom Festival Co-founder: “During our first Fintech discussion we asked participants to raise their hand if they had real cash in their pocket, and only few raised their hands. All of us have our money on credit, debit and other types of cards. This brings us to the question - how safe is our money in the era of cyber-security insecurity? What challenges are traditional banks facing? Who can destroy or protect online banking infrastructures? The magic blockchain technologies, or those who have the best artifical intelligence solutions?”

Discussion participants:

  • Baiba Kaskina, Manager at, Information Technology Security Incident Response Institution of of Latvia
  • Janis Kirsteins, CEO of Notakey, multi-factor authentication software for authorising transactions
  • Max Keidun, Organiser of Baltic HoneyBadger 2017 and the CEO of Hodl Hodl, a multisig P2P crypto-currency exchange

Moderator: Oliver Bramwell, CEO of Norvik Banka.

This discussion will examine biometrics as a tool for authorisation; discuss big data and the problems it may cause; and how our digital life has become an integral part of our real life. Participants will also touch on cyber-legislation and the government's role in controlling cyberspace.

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This will be the second event in the FinTech discussion cycle organised by the Digital Freedom Festival in cooperation with Norvik Banka. The first "Future of Money" discussion attracted more than 100 guests.

More Fintech discussions and fireside chats will take place at the Norvik Banka Investor's Lounge during the Digital Freedom Festival on November 27th and 28th.