Norvik Banka, in cooperation with ELKOR, launches a new product – ELKOR credit card combined with a loyalty card.


Norvik Banka’s ELKOR credit card differs markedly from other customer loyalty cards on the market and will be really advantageous to every customer because it combines a number of features: the card will simultaneously serve as both the ELKOR network’s loyalty card and a regular credit card with a 2% profit per annum.

Raivis Ruskulis, Norvik Banka’s Senior Vice President for the Latvian Business, when commenting on launching a new product on the market, admits: “The advantageousness of the new card to a customer is clearly related to Norvik Banka’s offered profit of 2% per annum, which will be paid by the bank for the minimum monthly account balance. Besides, both application for the card and its usage will be free of charge. A recipient of Norvik Banka’s ELKOR credit card will also be offered 150 EUR as a Welcome Loan with an interest-free period of up to 55 days. Of course, in order to receive the Welcome Loan, the bank will still have to assess customer’s creditworthiness. At the same time, it must be noted that all the bonus points accrued on a previous ELKOR customer loyalty card will be transferred to the new card and will still be utilisable”.

Both the existing ELKOR customers and every new person interested in obtaining the product which is still unusual for the Latvian market will be able to receive the new Norvik Banka’s ELKOR credit card. What’s unusual about it? The loyalty card combined with the credit card which may be used not only as a loyalty card of some particular trading centre but also as a regular credit card using which a customer will be able to receive their salary and pay for the purchases and services – for instance, when purchasing air tickets or paying for hotel services around the globe.