Norvik Banka offers a new solution to operate on the Forex market


Norvik Banka has started offering a new additional service for currency trading on the Forex market – from now on there will be a possibility to open a trading account remotely, without visiting the bank. Thus, it will be possible to perform all currency trading-related operations (conclusion of the agreement, opening of a trading account, submission of orders) online.

The service ensures remote opening of a trading account with Norvik Banka and access to an internationally recognized currency trading platform MetaTrader 4. The platform can be installed on a computer and smartphone and tablet PC running on Android or iOS. The new service is provided to customers without charging an additional commission fee.

Any person who has an account opened with a credit institution registered in a European Union (EU) member state and a valid e-mail address may apply for the service by completing an application form on, attaching the required documents thereto and transferring a security deposit from their account in the EU bank.*

“The Bank has been offering the functional and convenient MetaTrader 4 trading platform already since 2010, and we have received a lot of positive feedback from the clients. Now we are taking a step forward by offering to become a Norvik Banka’s client and start trading on the Forex market by applying for the service remotely. We rely on an assumption that our colleagues at EU banks have identified their client according to the same requirements as the ones established in Latvia. We have also developed a detailed application form and its processing procedure which allows us obtaining all the information required to start cooperation,” commented Member of the Board at Norvik Banka, Mr Deniss Novikovs.

Those clients who will become Norvik Banka’s clients remotely will have to observe the following restriction: the total safety deposit amount during the entire term of validity of the agreement must not exceed 50 000 EUR or an equivalent sum in US dollars. If a client during the cooperation period decides to receive also other services or cancel the limit for the total security deposit amount, he will need to visit the bank (or bank’s agent) and open a settlement account.

*The existing Norvik Banka’s clients may choose a solution for foreign exchange operations that will suit them best and apply for it according to the former procedure by contacting employees of the Dealing Division.

On the Forex currency market:

  • Forex is an international foreign currency market – the world’s most liquid and voluminous capital market operating 24 hours a day every business day. Modern technologies make this market even more accessible and each interested individual has a possibility to take part in currency trading and follow the exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Marginal currency trading is execution of currency purchase and sale operations using a loan. To execute an operation, a client must ensure a security deposit, which, for instance, is 1% of the total transaction amount, while the rest of the sum is lent to the client by a bank.
  • MetaTtrader 4 is an internationally recognised trading platform intended for marginal currency trading. You can also open a Demo (training) account with MetaTrader and try your luck under real market conditions.