Norvik Apdrošināšanas Brokeris Considerably Improves Its Results


Norvik Apdrošināšanas Brokeris has significantly improved its results and ranked among 25 largest insurance brokerage companies (by the amount of the insurance premium payments disbursed; source - Latvian Association of Insurance Brokers, data as of 02.02.2015). Over the 4th quarter of 2014, by using services of Norvik Apdrošināšanas Brokeris, insurance premium payments in the amount of 173 thousand Euros were disbursed, which is a considerable increase to the results of the previous quarters (55-85 thousand Euro in average).

Norvik Apdrošināšanas Brokeris is Norvik Banka subsidiary providing insurance services. One of the biggest advantages of Norvik Apdrošināšanas Brokeris is a possibility to quickly and thoroughly compare offers of all insurance companies and to choose an insurance type, the most appropriate for client.

Norvik Apdrošināšanas Brokeris cooperates with such insurance companies as AAS SEESAM Latvia, BALTA, Baltikums, BALTIJAS APDROŠINĀŠANAS NAMS, BTA Insurance Company SE, AAS Gjensidige Baltic, Latvian branch of ERGO Insurance SE, Latvian branch of If P&C Insurance AS.

An insurance broker, unlike an insurance company, is not personally interested in selling a specific insurance policy. Working with a broker, a client purchases reliable insurance protection, without wasting time for comparing and choosing alternative insurance offers. An insurance broker also provides assistance in the event of insurance claim.