Norvik Banka – Leader in Russian Social Media


Norvik Banka has become the most popular commercial bank of Latvia in the social media Вконтакте and Одноклассники, according to a research of the Internet journal Market Leader. Norvik Banka takes the third place among Russian Internet users interested in financial services in Latvia. The rating is based on the number of search attempts in the Russian browser Yandex (Яндекс), number of mentions in blogs and Google.News as well as number of advertisements placed in Yandex news section.

The popularity rating of Latvian banks in Russian social media observed by the Internet journal signifies that Norvik Banka decisively takes the first place in popular sites Одноклассники and Вконтакте, followed by Rietumu Banka and DNB. Norvik Banka also ranked between the three most popular commercial banks of Latvia whose names are mentioned in media.


Also, assessing the popularity of the key words “banks in Latvia” in the browser, it can be concluded that, besides Latvia, the largest interest to banks of our country is displayed in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

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