Chairman of the Board of PNB Banka Oliver Bramwell resigns

As of today, July 30, the Chairman of the Board of AS PNB Banka Oliver Bramwell has left the post of the Chairman of the Board he has held since 2013. 
“I am pleased to look back at what has been achieved to date in PNB Banka.  As is well known, the recent years have been very worrying and unpredictable for the financial industry of Latvia, which has been triggered by both external and internal factors. Despite various difficulties, PNB Banka has succeeded in keeping its stable position in the banking system and carrying out continuous work, while providing its customers with the most convenient and available financial services.  
The audited financial data for 2018 show that we have been working effectively to implement our business strategy on both local and international markets. The bank’s balance sheet is positive, which proves that PNB Banka is still competitive. I am glad that the vision of the bank’s future development and set goals is attractive also to the group of US and European investors who acquired a controlling interest in the bank this June and undertook to increase the bank’s capital, as well as to update the bank’s business development strategy that will include an even wider range of products and services for customers and modern banking technologies.
The core of PNB Banka is people and professional team that cares not only about the result but also about the ways to achieve it. I am convinced that the team will continue to pursue successfully long-term objectives of PNB Banka, focusing on its key values – humanity, agility and adaptability”, said Oliver Bramwell.
The board members Anna Verbicka, Dmitrii Kalmykov, Alexey Kutiavin and Natālija Ignatjeva will continue to work in the board.