PNB Banka Offers Special Terms on Acquisition of Shares of PNB Total Return Bond Fund

The campaign for acquisition of the shares of PNB Total Return Bond Fund has been extended until 31 October. Until 31 October, the Bank will charge no commission on acquisition. 
Let us remind you that the PNB Total Return Bond Fund was launched by IPAS PNB Asset Management last spring. By providing predictable optimum yield at decreased risk the fund answers the needs of conservative investors. The expected long-term increase of the capital – 3-5% per annum. The fund’s portfolio includes such securities as sovereign debt securities of USA, Brazil, South Africa and Turkey and corporate bonds of Maersk, Jaguar Land Rover, Pemex and Development Bank of Kazakhstan.
At the moment the price of the fund’s share has reached 1014 dollars (around 913 euro), but 3-month yield exceeds 2%.
Moreover, PNB EM HIGH YIELD BOND FUND is under the management of IPAS PNB Asset Management. Also this fund demonstrates positive dynamics. Since the beginning of year, its yield amounts to 12.45%. As at 5 August, the price of the share was around 1078 dollars (971 euro). According to the reputable Bloomberg, PNB EM HIGH YIELD BOND FUND is among the best funds composed of the securities of developing countries. 
Minimum investment — value of one share. The fund’s shares may be obtained at PNB Internetbanka and customer service centres.
For latest information follow the link to the site of IPAS PNB Asset Management.