Norvik Banka Urges to Beware Fraudsters


Taking into account that information that has appeared in public space on fraudsters attempting to gain confidence of honest people in order to cheat out money from them, AS Norvik Banka advises people not to disclose information on their finances to people they do not know. Disclosing information (for example, bank card number, codes, password to the internet-bank, etc.) can be used for theft.

Besides, we urge people not to sign documents on receiving a credit, issuing guarantee when non-licensed service vendors offer these services to you, for example, private persons you do not know saying that they are intermediaries in receiving credits.

Banks do not issue credits by using services of intermediaries – only they themselves do it concluding the respective agreement with the borrower!

For the purpose of protection of personal data, never respond to calls, SMS or electronic letters as if “from the bank” with a request of sending your password or other identification data – banks never request either by phone or e-mail or entering the number of your payment card, card validity term, PIN code, user code of the Internet bank, password or any other confidential information and never place such a request in the Internet bank or other pages or any additional windows.

Exception is when you yourself have contacted the bank (for instance, with a request on blocking the card), in this case the Bank will request your blocking password or card number (but only the number) or part of the number of the code card to the Internet bank or the number from the code calculator to check your identity.

Under no circumstances send via e-mail or by phone the following data:

  • Password to the internet-bank;
  • Full codes of the code card or card calculator;
  • Card number;
  • Card validity term;
  • PIN code;
  • As well as code CVV2 or 3-digit code on the back side of the card in the white space, near the signature.

Additional information on the security of your money