Norvik Unlimited – all the most popular banking services with no limits


Norvik Banka offers you a possibility to use the most popular banking services without limits or restrictions at the lowest possible price – 1.5 EUR per month only!

Norvik Banka’s service package Norvik Unlimited is available to any resident of Latvia who is willing to pay utility bills or transfer money without worrying about the cost of payment or payments amount. All the most popular banking services will be included in the Package without limits or restrictions.

The Package covers:

  • payments via the internet banking system e-Norvik – intrabank payments and the ones made to other banks. Free payments of utility bills, communication services and many other mandatory payments;
  • SMS reports on operations on your account;
  • opening and monthly maintenance of a multicurrency account;
  • issuance of a payment card VISA Electron or Maestro – with no annual usage charge;
  • access to the internet banking system e-Norvik and issuance of an ID card;
  • application for the 2nd Tier pension plan.

The cost of the entire package is only 1.5 EUR per month, which is a good buy if compared with a cost of each service individually.

“We have decided to introduce Norvik Unlimited for the most popular banking services to bring into focus Norvik Banka’s new attitude towards its customers and partners – trust is always rewarded! Besides, we are able to offer such a low price for banking services, as we have modernized a range of processes in the Bank’s activity, which allows us being much more efficient,” said Igor Rozanov, Board Member at Norvik Banka.

Customers who will apply for the Norvik Unlimited Package till October 23 (inclusive) will use the Package during the first month for free. Moreover, customers who will apply for the Norvik Unlimited Package at the Daugavpils Branch of Norvik Banka will use the Package for free for three months!

The Norvik Unlimited Package covers the most required features:

  • Multicurrency current account: This account allows you managing your funds in various currencies at the same time, thus, you don’t have to open additional accounts in other currencies anymore – all the money is stored on one account with a breakdown by currencies.
  • Internet banking system e-Norvik: A functional online-tool for remote account management from anywhere in the world 24/7. All you need is a computer or another device with internet access. The system allows you making fast and convenient money transfers and managing your funds independently.
  • Payment card Maestro or Visa Electron: A payment card is a fast and secure payment tool throughout the world. It allows you not only to pay for the purchases over the internet and in trading places but also withdraw cash in ATMs. Besides, when paying with a Norvik payment card in more than 300 trading places and servicing centres across Latvia, you can get really favourable discounts.
  • SMS Bank: A possibility to control the state of your account by getting information on any account-related changes – both on receipts to the account and on transfers from it. Additionally, SMS Bank allows making payments by sending SMS and enquiring account balance at a certain moment.
  • 2nd Tier pension level: Start saving up money for secure old age today by applying for one of the Norvik’s pension plans: Gauja (active plan), Venta (balanced plan) or Daugava (conservative plan), as savings under the 2nd Tier pension plan may form the biggest part of your future pension!

You can apply for Norvik Unlimited at any customer service centre of Norvik Banka.