International payments

PNB Banka offers payment and clearing services all over the world. We guarantee fast, convenient and high quality service at the benefit of a wide network of correspondents and advanced automatic payment processing system.

  • If a payment is made to a country in which IBAN (International Bank Account Number) standards are used, the beneficiary’s correct IBAN should be specified, otherwise extra charges could be deducted for non-automatic processing of the payment (NON-STP). You can check the correct IBAN when filling in the form in InternetBanka.
  • Purpose and date of the payment as well as contract or invoice number. The details of the payment should be completed in a language understood by the beneficiary.
  • Please bear in mind that when making a payment in any CIS currency (RUB, UAH, BYR), the payment order should be completed in Russian (this helps to avoid extra charges and possible delays in payment).
  • When specifying the commission as (OUR), the customer (remitter) pays all additional charges by the intermediary and beneficiary’s bank so that the beneficiary receives full payment amount. Additional charges are deducted from the customer´s (remitter´s) account upon the intermediary bank´s request without further authorization.
  • Specifying the commission as (SHA), the beneficiary pays PNB Banka´s defined charges only, but all additional charges are deducted by the intermediary and beneficiary´s banks from the payment amount.

* SEPA - The Single Euro Payments Area will ensure that customers and companies are able to place and receive non-cash euro payments with the same terms and conditions regardless of whether the payment is domestic or cross-border, while at the same time introducing more efficient and secure payment instruments and methods in the European market. The SEPA project is supported by European banks, The European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Commission (EC).

** TARGET2 is the RTGS system for the euro, offered by Eurosystem. It is used for the settlement of central bank operations, large-value euro interbank transfers and other euro payments. It provides real-time processing, settlement in central bank money and immediate finality.


On the execution of international payments in Chinese Yuan (CNY)


On the execution of international payments to Ukraine (beneficiary's account in IBAN format)


On the execution of international payments​ to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

About restrictions on outgoing payments to the Republic of Moldova

Please note that due to the policy of making payments by PNB Banka’s correspondent banks restrictions will now be imposed on payments to the Republic of Moldova.


As from 01.10.2015 all the outgoing payments in any currency to the banks of the Republic of Moldova addressed to the recipients – companies registered in reduced or low-tax zones (offshore zones) – will not be executed.


However, all the payments addressed to the recipients – companies not registered in reduced or low-tax zones (offshore zones) and which have accounts opened with EXIMBANK-Gruppo Veneto Banca and ProCredit Bank in the Republic of Moldova – will be executed in the ordinary course, with no restrictions imposed.


To ensure smooth operation of your business, we recommend you to conduct negotiations with your counterparties in terms of their opening accounts in the Moldova’s banks above.


Should you have any questions, please contact your client manager.