Private accident insurance

Security capital for yourself and your family in case of an accident

An easy and convenient way to protect yourself and your family from unexpected financial losses that may result from a sudden injury caused by external conditions or an accident.

Takes effect on the fifth day

The certificate of insurance is valid for 1 year and takes effect on the fifth day after the payment of the insurance premium

Versatile insurance

Insurance for three groups of risk: injury, disability and death

You can choose the most appropriate one

You have the opportunity to choose from the three insurance options offered with different insurance amounts

Valid 24 hours a day all over the world

The certificate of insurance is valid 24 hours a day across the world

...and other advantages

  • This insurance policy may be taken out by anyone – there is no age limit
  • Caring for your loved ones, you can also take out this insurance policy as a gift 
  • You do not have to be a customer of PNB Banka

Quick and easy to take out


Go to the nearest branch

This insurance policy may be taken out at any customer service centre of PNB Banka

Find the nearest one


Show an ID

You will need the passport or ID card (or another document with the exact given name, surname and ID number of the insured person)


Pay the invoice and receive the policy

Pay the invoice which a bank employee will send to your e-mail and go to the customer service centre to receive your health insurance. Remember to bring along your passport or ID card!


Private accident insurance is offered in cooperation with BTA Baltic Insurance Company.

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