Receive the latest information about transactions on your current account or card account on your phone or by email.

SMS-Banka will give you the opportunity to:

  • Receive SMS notifications about your card balance and current account balance
  • Receive SMS notifications about the following events:
    • Notification of a new text message from the bank
    • Warning about deposit expiry
    • Notification of successful or failed payment
    • Notification of executed currency conversion
    • Confirmation of transmission of a SWIFT message
    • Notification of a successful or failed automatic payment
    • Notification of blocking of an authentication device
  • For current accounts, SMS-Banka additionally offers the opportunity to receive information about the following:
    • Account balance at any time indicated by you
    • Account balance at the end of a working day, end-week or end-month
  • For card accounts, SMS-Banka additionally offers the opportunity to block or activate your payment card if necessary


Getting Connected to SMS-Banka

You can fill in an application for connecting SMS-Banka in e-Norvik online bank or at any customer service centre of the bank.


SMS banking commands