Gift card

You may wish to consider buying Gift Cards offered at PNB Banka’s customer service centres (payment cards under the international brand VISA). The Gift Cards are modern and convenient non-cash means of payment and a great gift to you and your family for the holidays.

Using the Gift Card, you can pay for goods and services at any trading place in Latvia or abroad – at any place where VISA payment cards are accepted. The Gift Card cannot be used for cash withdrawal

from ATMs.


What else you should know about PNB Banka’s Gift Card:

  • the Gift Card has a definite value chosen by a customer at the moment of buying the card – from 5 EUR up to 250 EUR;
  • on customer’s request PNB Banka buys back the Gift Card paying out the balance to the customer while charging a commission fee in accordance with the tariffs;
  • the Gift Card is not valid if its value has been spent, its validity has expired or it has been damaged in such a way that its full number cannot be distinguished;
  • if the purchase price exceeds the value of your Gift Card, you can pay the remaining amount using other means of payment;
  • the Gift Card will not be blocked and restored in case it was lost or stolen; moreover, in this case the amount left on the lost or stolen card will not be reimbursed.


Upon dialling (+371) 67041100 and naming the last 8 (eight) digits of the Gift Card a customer can use the following free services:to verify the balance of the Gift Card;


  • to unblock the Gift Card in case it was blocked due to the incorrectly input PIN code;
  • to learn information on transactions conducted with the Gift Card.

For the attention of customers!
Please note that the Gift Card has no inbuilt microprocessor (“microchip”), so when using the card for purchases you should use a magnetic stripe only. The transaction is conducted upon inputting the last four digits of the Gift Card or a PIN code in a POS terminal.


Terms of use

Terms of use of a Gift Card received on offer

Terms of use of a Gift Card

If the Gift Card is damaged, please turn to any customer service centre of PNB Banka.

Should you have any questions on the Gift Card and its usage, please call 67041100 in Riga or send an e-mail to