Invest free funds in your account and create savings

Maximum deposit

Make a deposit for different terms with a fixed interest rate and let your money earn for you!

Premium deposit

Make a deposit for a fixed term with a fixed interest rate and receive interest income every month!

Overnight deposit

An appropriate solution if you want to invest a larger amount for a short period!

Savings account

Create financial savings for the future or for a bigger purchase and increase the amount deposited at any time!

Savings account for heating bills

Accumulate your cash savings for winter during summer when the heating and electricity bills are a tad smaller! 

Child savings account

If you want to create savings for your child, choose the Child Savings Account!

Succession account

Take care of the safe and targeted transfer of funds to your relatives in good time!​

Individual safe deposit box

Rent a bank safe deposit box with a two-level security system for secure and confidential storage of documents and material goods!

Pension plan - Conservative investment plan "Daugava"

The most secure and stable profitability for inner peace

Pension plan - Balanced investment plan "Venta"

A balanced profitability for those who enjoy life

Pension plan - Active investment plan "Gauja"

The fastest and biggest profitability for active people

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