Endowment policy

A farsighted solution to your financial stability and security 


A modern type of insurance: an opportunity to make savings for your future financial security, while insuring your life that will help you to secure material protection to your loved ones in the event of loss of breadwinner.

Savings for future plans

Allocate at least EUR 20 to your monthly savings in order to implement some major plan in the future or to secure your own financial stability

For a long period of time

The insurance period is at least 10 years

Get 20% back

Every year, you can get your personal income tax (PIT) refund in the amount of 20% of the contributions made in this policy

Bigger savings

Savings earn interest! Guaranteed and additional earnings that increase your savings

Quick and easy to take out


Go to the nearest branch

This insurance policy may be taken out at any customer service centre of PNB Banka

Find the nearest branch


Show an ID

You will need the passport or ID card (or another document with the exact given name, surname and ID number of the insured person)


Endowment policy is offered in cooperation with Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group.


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