Mortgage loan

Even faster and more convenient loan!



Decision                                    without a delay

Due to DMC technology they can make better and faster decisions. You will receive final loan approval within 2 business days after submitting all necessary documents.

Exceptional knowledge and expertise

Expertise in the field guarantees that professionals will structure the best deal for you. Besides, we firmly believe that knowledge multiplies when it is shared with others.  Hence, customers are always informed about their options and are equal counterparties.

Choose how and when to repay the loan

Adjust the payment schedule of your monthly interest, commission fee for the transaction and the loan payment schedule to your financial possibilities. 
With DMC you can get a loan up to 90% of property’s market value.

Freedom to choose financial products you need

DMC doesn’t require to keep your salary in a particular bank account, doesn’t ask to acquire a credit line or purchase other financial products in order to receive a better deal.

Conditions for taking a loan


Loan purpose: purchase or repairs

Location of property: Riga or Riga Region

Loan to value: up to 90% of the property value

Maturity: up to 30 years

Loan amount: from EUR 20,000 to EUR 500,000

Interest rate: from 3.5% per annum

Down payment: at least 10% of the transaction amount

Flexible payment schedule: adjust the rate
each 6 or 12 month


What is DMC?

Direct Mortgage Capital (DMC) is a home loan platform created in Latvia. The company uses the latest financial technologies and best mortgage practices to make home loans more affordable and lending experience more enjoyable.
To find out more about housing loans or apply for a consultation, please write to or call (+371) 67869510.


Borrow advisedly, having reasonably assessed your ability to pay the loan back!





Service Rate
Loan pre-approval/approval fee free of charge
Loan origination fee * 2.0% of the approved loan amount
Other adjustments in the loan agreement EUR 100 per adjustment
Document processing fee for refinancing the loan to other bank/non-bank EUR 1,000
Consent to operations with pledged real property EUR 30

* base rate, adjustable in range from 1.5% to 2.25% using “Buy Up & Buy Down” option                        The housing loan is offered in cooperation with Direct Mortgage Capital


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