Safe work on the Internet

Security recommendations while working on the Internet

We've compiled some simple tips for improving your security level while working on the Internet and online bank.

  • First of all, make sure that you visit the site you need and that it is secure:
    • pay attention to the browser, it has to be marked with the padlock icon
    • check the security certificate SSL by double clicking on the padlock icon
  • Make sure that URL address of an Internet page corresponds to URL address indicated in the certificate.
  • URL must start with letters HTTPS, not HTTP
  • Carefully verify the URL address of an Internet page in order to make sure that this is the site you need.
  • When the work is done or you need a break do not forget to log out of the password protected system. Also close the browser window when no longer using the Internet. This is extremely important if you access Internet services on a public PC.
  • Use firewalls and antivirus software and regularly update protection tools installed on your computer.
  • Be creative inventing a password; do not use simple words, mix upper and lower case letter, digits and symbols.
  • Keep your password confidential.
  • Regularly back-up the information stored in your computer.
  • Do not answer the messages received by e-mail which contain requests for your personal data and information about your financial operations.
  • Do not open messages received by e-mail from unknown sources.
  • Do not open attachments and do not download active links if a message is sent from an unknown and/or suspicious source.

Recommendations on computer security