Lifetime pension insurance

Choose the amount and period of your pension that suits you best

An opportunity to receive your 2nd pension pillar savings in retirement in a way that suits your needs.

Lifetime guarantee

Guaranteed payments of the 2nd pillar pension savings for life

Choose the way that suits you best

The amount and period of the pension payments that suits your needs

May be passed down as inheritance

The 2nd pension pillar savings may be passed down as inheritance, indicating the beneficiary

Easy to calculate

Use the calculator to familiarize yourself with the lifetime pension insurance offer

...and other advantages

  • Possibility to choose up to three different stages of pension payments with the desired pension size at each stage 
  • Possibility to choose how often you receive your pension: once a month, quarter, half-year or year 
  • Possibility to postpone the start of the payments of your lifetime pension for up to 10 years
  • The minimum amount of capital accumulated in the 2nd pension pillar in order to take out the insurance is € 3,000
  • You may apply for the insurance once you have reached the national retirement age

Quick and easy to take out


Go to the nearest branch

This insurance policy may be taken out at any customer service centre of PNB Banka


Find the nearest branch


Show an ID

You will need the passport or ID card (or another document with the exact given name, surname and ID number of the insured person)


Show a statement from the VSAA

Make sure that you have a statement from the VSAA (State Social Insurance Agency) on the amount of capital accumulated in the State-funded pension scheme 


Lifetime pension insurance is offered in cooperation with Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group. 

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