Premium deposit

Guaranteed earnings

A safe deposit with guaranteed earnings

Only 200 EUR or 200 USD

Minimum amount of deposit: EUR 200 or USD 200

Interest income: once a month

Interest income is paid once a month1

...and some more advantages and conditions

  • Deposit currency: EUR, USD
  • Fixed interest rate 
  • The deposit may not be supplemented
  • The deposit may be withdrawn before maturity2
  • If the amount of deposit exceeds EUR 100,000 or USD 100,000, individual interest rates may be negotiated3
  • The deposit can be opened quickly and easily in the InternetBanka.

1 The interest is paid on the last day of each month, which is not a Sunday or a public holiday, starting from the month following the month of opening the deposit and at the end of the deposit term. Monthly interest is paid at the end of closing of the operational day of the Bank. 

2 The fee for deposit withdrawal before maturity, having received Bank’s consent for withdrawal, amounts to 2% per annum of the withdrawable amount for each day left until the deposit maturity date (for the agreements concluded prior to 23 August 2018) or 2.5% of the payable amount and any calculated, accrued interest for the payable amount (for the agreements concluded on 23 August 2018 or later).

3 For information please call +371 67041129 or +371 67011412.

Premium deposit

A term deposit with an opportunity to receive interest income every month

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Premium deposit
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