Additional funding

PNB Banka offers its clients additional funding against the collateral of securities.

By attracting additional funding the clients of PNB Banka may acquire securities for the amount that surpasses several times the investment made i.e. without attracting of 100% of the capital required to cover the transaction. The yield potential of the investments increases proportionally as the client owns the investment’s profit and pays moderate interest for usage of the bank’s funds.


Options for attraction of additional funding:

  • REPO transactions
  • Marginal lending

Additional funding is attracted by means of REPO transactions. A REPO transaction may be finalised within one working day and is very effective for immediate attraction of the loan funds. Our brokerage services provide for the possibility of effecting a REPO transaction. Marginal trading is available for the clients using on-line trading.

Yield increase

Access only for professional clients

Attractive rates and funding %

Receiving of coupons and dividends on the pledged securities

Wide choice of securities for funding

Receiving instant liquidity

REPO transactions

REPO transactions have long been popular for borrowing funds against the collateral of securities. The securities owned by the client may be used not only to derive profit, but also in the capacity of collateral needed to obtain a loan. REPO transaction – transaction where the client sells a definite amount of securities to PNB BANKA for a definite price (sale price) for a definite period of time with a repurchase obligation at a designated future date (repurchase date), applying an earlier agreed price (repurchase price).

Terms of REPO transactions

The deal on the client's investment REPO deal
Issuer Bond A Issuer Bond A
Rating BB Rating BB
Maturity 25.09.2017 Maturity 25.09.2017
Coupon rate 7.88% Coupon rate 7.88%
Price 100% Price 100%
HC 0% HC 30%
Bank credit 0% Bank credit 70%
Trade volume, USD 300 000 Trade volume, USD 1 000 000
Fee for trade 0.08% -240 Fee for trade 0.08% -800
Bank Loan - Bank Loan 700 000
Client's Investment 300 000 Client's Investment 300 000
Credit rate, %   Credit rate, % 3.50%
Credit fee per year, USD - Credit fee per year, USD (24 500)
Coupon per year USD 23 640 Coupon per year USD 78 800
Client's Profit, USD 23 640 Client's Profit, USD 53 500
Client's Yield, % * 7.80% Client's Yield, % * 17.83%


Marginal lending (provision of leverage)

Performing transactions on the electronic platforms of PNB Banka, the client has an option to use the leverage for transactions with parcticular shares. The counterparty defines the size of the leverage and list of marginal shares. The client will be charged an additional commission for use of the marginal loan.
For more information, please, contact the Brokerage Division of PNB Banka over the telephone +37167011561 or e-mail