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Corporate bank cards are international payment cards issued in the name of company’s authorised persons and intended for payment of representation, travelling and administrative expenses.  


Mastercard Business Platinum

The status corporate card with a wide range of privileges.

“Mēness” – “Mēness” – is a sign that symbolizes protection and reliability.

The image of this particular symbol on Mastercard Platinum embodies the 

Masterсard Business Gold

Premium corporate card with the most important privileges.

"Saule" - a symbol of the sun, eternal movement, light and harmony. It is precisely this sign that is at the center of the composition on the map, giving its owner power and energy.

Mastercard Business

A card for those who is used to keep everything under control and to manage finances and time by himself. It is convenient to manage the company’s expenses with the Business card.

The sign “Laima” is a symbol of prosperity and success. 

From aciant times this image personified the desire not to go with the flow, but rather to determine the own path and create the own destiny.